Our Services

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we specialized in Chinese translation, but it is not the only service we offer.  We have experienced writers to offer English and Malay service.  The range of service includes all written materials, of different subject matters and nature.

The languages we do includes:

  1. English to Chinese (Simplified and Traditional Chinese)
  2. English to Malay
  3. Chinese to English
  4. Chinese to Malay
  5. Malay to English
  6. Malay to Chinese

The range of translation service includes:

⊙ Advertising copy
⊙ Press release, press advisory & feature articles
⊙ Annual reports
⊙ Public relations campaign materials
⊙ Marketing information and sales kit
⊙ Book translation
⊙ Corporate brochure, in-house magazines and newsletters
⊙ Notice and announcements
⊙ Questionnaires and interview questions and answers
⊙ Product’s Technical manual, etc.

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