About Us

Are you looking for a helping hand to translate your English and/or Malay documents into Chinese? Please remember: Good English and/or Malay IS NOT ENOUGH!

There are translators who write “westernized Chinese”, i.e. to write Chinese in English style, with English grammar and sentence structure. Issuing awkward westernized Chinese announcements, advertisement or news releases will not get you the effect that you want. Worst, your company will become a laughing stock.

TPChang-OctopusGet the right person who to do the right thing! Get an experienced writer who writes authentic Chinese!

The principal translator, Mr. TP Chang, is a well-trained and famous Chinese writer and has been involved in translation business since 1998.  He holds Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Bachelor of Communication (Honours), majoring Journalism.  He was a journalist attached to a prominent Chinese daily and was also held the position as editor-in-chief of a Chinese-medium news portal.

With more than 20 years of writing experience, he is definitely the right choice to cater your translation needs.

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